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The partner registers in the affiliate program and receives his identification card. He is the owner of some website. He can take banners and text links to his site from the affiliate program. They all contain the partner ID.

If someone clicks on the banner, goes to your dating site and registers, they are now associated with a partner ID.

The amount of money paid for registration is changed in the admin panel.

If that member purchases a membership, they receive some percentage of that payment, and the percentage can also be changed in the admin panel.

Moreover, this is a two-level affiliate system. This means that if a person comes to the site and registers as an affiliate, from now on he will be associated with the ID of the affiliate who referred him. The one who brought him will have a percentage of payments to the attracted partner. This means that if an affiliate who was brought to the site by another affiliate who earns $100, the one who brought him will receive $35 if the percentage is set at 35%.

What is needed for this? 

1) Register on the site

2) Bring clients or place an affiliate link.

3) Track your finances in your personal account and withdraw to your account.